Tate Edward Burne-Jones

Client: Tate
James Henry

After a little time away, James Henry returns with a visual bang in this beautifully striking launch trailer for the Tate Britain’s new Edward Burne-Jones exhibition. Channeling his experience in fashion of creating purely visual narratives, James takes us on a tour of three re-created paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite master; Laus Veneris, Love Among the Ruins and The Legend of Briar Rose. Shot on location at St Augustine’s in Kilburn, the film transports you to a different world through the power of make-up, costume, lighting, nuanced performance, music and above all a delightfully simple yet precisely executed tracking shot that draws you into the action. A film that will hopefully in time become a calling card, it not only illustrates all of James’ talents as a stylistic director but one with a strong vital artistic vision.

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