Our creative catch-ups are where we bring a piece of film or content that we’ve found inspiring to hopefully inspire each other.

Jasper’s Pick

The idea of the pursuit of power is clear – using powerful imagery of military, political, anger, control and physical. Then pursuit shown in the continuous track out creates unerringness to this power. This music video was one of the 1st videos that inspired my personal practice and how to communicate an idea through surreal abstract imagery and camera techniques.

Rachel’s Pick

After delving into the Cannes Lions 2023 UK winners, I loved how the Uber Eats “Do Less” campaign took a simple idea – just doing less with your free time – and executed that with beautifully crafted individual worlds of each character.

Maria’s Pick

This is from a director whose work I’ve really loved over the past couple years. I think this video marries concept, visuals and multidisciplinary arts seamlessly-complimenting Mette’s catchy new song.

Louis’ Pick

What I find impressive about this video is the unusual editing, in particular the collage effect, which brings clear and well composed shots together on screen to form a wider more abstract image.

Abbas’ Pick

A witty and engaging video essay on the importance of lighting in filmmaking.

Danny’s Pick

I doubt it was a massive budget or had more than a day of shooting, but the idea of “craft” screams from every frame. It’s well planned beautifully shot with a simple story and leaves me with a new appreciation of the product.

Katie’s Pick

‘Frank’s Joke’ is a lighthearted and witty, yet accurate representation of my own anxieties. Its relatability brought me comfort as I spiralled alongside the protagonist, and I’m a sucker for a quirky animation that can make me laugh at my personal struggles.