World meet Katie Price, our latest production prodigy! Armed with the finest training from the prestigious MAMA Youth Project and Sky Studios’ Drama Production team, she’s ready to take the world of film and video by storm.

During university, Katie was a creative powerhouse, working on a number of award-winning narrative and experimental short films that are currently making the rounds at festivals across the globe. From the SDG Film Festival to the NAHEMI Festival, Katie’s work has already left audiences spellbound and judges in awe.

A fast learner with extraordinary attention to detail and organisational skills to match we’re glad she’s one of the women who tell our stories.

In her free time Katie is a cinephile, a fantasy novel freak and as a Cornish lass, a lover of the great outdoors and, unsurprisingly, Cider.

So to all of you celebrating Women’s History Month with us… Cheers.