Here at SALT.TV, as we enter the next normal we want to share our best practice with you; to investigate the various routes to production at the earliest stage of your creative journey, enabling you to continue to deliver outstanding work whilst jointly mitigating any risks... And all this whilst managing an ever leaner budget!

Under the guidance of the APA, SALT.TV have implemented a series of Covid-19 guidelines enabling us to shoot safely. Please see the headlines of this process below, needless to say, they will be modified and tweaked depending on the needs of each individual shoot.


  • All pre-production processes can be managed remotely from home including storyboarding, meetings with clients and agency, casting and PPM’s
  • Risk assessments will now all include measures taken by production to minimise risk of infection. As a rule temperature testing, hand washing stations and relevant PPE gear feature as standard whilst at work and on-set
  • Following APA Covid-19 shooting guidelines SALT.TV will ensure all cast and crew sign a Covid-19 Health Declaration form to confirm they have not had Covid symptoms at the time of engagement or 14 days prior
  • Producer appoints a COVID-19 Supervisor on-set to enforce new rules and regulations
  • Printing and paper distribution will be avoided where possible


  • Crew will wash and thoroughly dry hands on arrival and during the day. Hand sanitisers will be available to all during the day and PPE gear will be provided by SALT for Tier 1 and Tier 2 interactions by cast and crew where necessary
  • Units will be as small and nimble as possible at all times
  • Staggering call times to avoid congestion
  • Posters will be visible throughout the location reminding crew, cast and client of social distancing orders etc
  • A paramedic or health and safety officer to be on set where possible


  • Technical crew to use remote devices, lapel mics, boom mics, zoom lenses or remote heads where possible to enable social distancing orders
  • Equipment hire facilities where relevant will provide independent risk assessments to ensure kit has been cleaned and sanitised prior hire


  • A growing list of locations and studios are open for business and we have a list of these through the APA and our location partners
  • Locations where social distancing and good ventilation is possible will be preferred
  • Locations to be cleaned prior to and after filming
  • Location recces, pre-lights and set builds to have minimal crew and departments present and for their attendance to be staggered wherever and however possible
  • Avoid location moves in any one day if possible, if not, maintain small crews


  • Cast to sign Covid-19 Health Declaration prior to engagement and shoot
  • Casting sessions and callbacks can be remote via video link ups and self-casting
  • Ensure back-up talent are cast should ill health affect key cast members
  • Consider casting members of same family when/if creative allows


  • Fittings via video or at a safe distance and wearing PPE gear for Tier 1 or Tier 2 interactions and only removing PPE gear when necessary
  • HMU department to utilise disposable kit (inc. brushes and sponges) where possible and to follow disinfecting processes
  • HMU and wardrobe to remain separate and maintain suitable distance from one another
  • PPE gear will only be removed from talent as and when absolutely necessary (i.e. when shooting)


  • Hot box delivery as opposed to self-service catering will be offered
  • Dining space will provide for 2 meter social distancing order
4_Hot box food


  • Crew to drive themselves to set. Alternatively production will provide vehicles where social distancing can be observed


  • Temperature checks will be carried out on all crew on arrival to set
  • Clear health etiquette posters to be clearly visible on-set
  • Clearly visible sanitisation stations will be available with plentiful supply of hand sanitiser and wipes


We have effective remote working systems in place, allowing you to fully participate in your edits without the need to attend in person. We have already completed a high end animation during the pandemic as well as remote voice over sessions and grades which have all proved very effective.


SALT.TV work with a super high speed internet connection allowing us to share large files with you in a timely fashion. We look forward to continuing our journey with you with the same quality, value and speed that you have become accustomed to.



We have sourced our own PPE suppliers of face masks, hand sanitiser and gloves for Tier 1 & Tier 2 interactions and can ensure supplies for any size crew. We can reassure everyone that our stock will not affect NHS supplies in any way.
Please contact us for further information.