Nissan Monaco Race with Margot Robbie

Client: Nissan
Andreas Grassl

To promote Nissan’s new 100% electric model, the ‘Blade Glider’, Andreas was tasked with crafting an exciting set-piece on the world-famous Monaco circuit at night-time. The requirements were simple; dynamic and thrilling, showcasing the ability of the car, and with a fun vibrant style that matched Margot Robbie’s personality and reputation. After preparing through intense interview & film research, Andreas crafted a modern storyline that plays with gender stereotypes as Margot eschews the pretty-face by the car image and goes ‘hands-on’ with the model, kidnapping it for a fun fling around the most iconic race-track in the world.

Working with Margot, who with her focus and great sense of humour proved to be one of the easiest-going celebrities that Andreas has worked with, he has crafted a film that is a slick, high-energy blast of fun.

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