Medicinema All Forgotten

Client: Medicinema
Jonathan Harris

In this visually striking and beautifully moving piece of work, Jonathan Harris combines all of the directorial traits, from emotive character-driven storytelling to cinematic visuals, which make him such an exciting filmmaker to watch. Shooting on location at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Jonathan worked closely with Simon Pegg and this film’s leading lady, Sienna, to coax genuinely authentic performances where the joy of cinema comes across through the purity of expression in close-up. The power and beauty of the cinematic experience is then layered on top of this through the constantly evolving cinematography, matching colour, light and mood to the feelings expressed by the audience; all the while guided by a touching & emotive original composition. A very worthwhile cause of placing cinemas into hospitals so ill children can escape for just a moment from the difficulty of their everyday life, brought to life in a unique, imaginative, highly-technical and ultimately moving way.

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