We Are Switzerland

Rudolf & Ragnar

In this new film, Rudolf & Ragnar have teamed up with Delete to bring to life the brand story behind JOBS.CH, Switzerland’s leading online job portal. Set around the inspiring theme ‘We Are Switzerland’, the work positions JOBS.CH as the right portal for people of all walks of life, anywhere in the country.

Shot on location across 9 different spots in Switzerland, the film features 15 real people working across a variety of interesting and diverse occupations from blue collar to white collar, and everything in between. Sensitively capturing these characters up close in their natural environment, Rudolf & Ragnar coax authentic performances and moments that bring depth and authenticity to JOBS.CH’s offering to the Swiss people.

All in all, it is a creative collaboration packed full of beautifully shot visuals that build upon a stirring voice-over script to leave viewers feeling moved and inspired.

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