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Rudolf & Ragnar

Following the success of their first film for UBS’ ‘Think Unlimited’, designed to encourage curiosity, Rudolf & Ragnar return to grill Formula OneTM star Lewis Hamilton on the answers to life’s big questions.


A charming delightful film that can’t help but raise a smile, it takes you through Lewis’ career from childhood to the present day. From finding out if the Mercedes AMG Petronas driver is as good at Mario Kart as in real-life, to young reporter Chloe providing insight on the existence of a ‘pen license’, the film has questions and revelations that leave both the stars equally enlightened by the end.


Crafting authentic performances from their cast and generating a warm sincere atmosphere, Rudolf & Ragnar deliver a heartwarming interview piece, which reconnects viewers to their inner child and leaves you deep in thought with a surprisingly touching final thought from Lewis.