Volkswagen | Gone Crazy




Andreas Grassl

A sign of a great director is the ability to deliver on the high expectations set by their expertise whilst invigorating each piece of work with a uniquely fresh flavour, and that is exactly what Andreas has achieved with this piece for Volkswagen’s #gonecrazy campaign.


Featuring Martin Ivanov, an accomplished stunt driver with credits on films including Spectre, Jason Bourne and Fast & Furious 6, the film takes us on a spin around the VW factory in Kaluga, Russia. As our driver tears round the parking lot, performing high-octane accomplished stunt work entirely unexpected of a 1.4 Polo GT, you know you’re in an Andreas Grassl film. However, it is the infusion of the comedic and light-hearted touch into the fold, which makes this piece of work a must-watch in the director’s stunning body of work…