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Serena Corvaglia

Following her work for VarCity, Serena Corvaglia continues her collaboration with fashion magazine L’Officiel Italia, with this elegantly stylish film for FENDI.


Shot on location in Rome at the instantly captivating Palace of Italian Civilization, with stunning models wearing the most iconic FENDI fur, the film utilises a mix of innovative cinematic techniques such as flickering jump shots between frames and beautiful slow-motion, to bring the power of these clothes to life. Serena felt the film was not simply a modelling job, but a “reinterpretation of characters and scenes that have become part of the collective imagination”. It is this approach which ensures that even against the stunning scenery and backdrop, it is the clothes that do the talking.


Serena stated that she herself was incredibly excited to be working with the unique and exclusive collection on show, and her passion shows in the beauty of the film. She said of the experience; “I found myself on the top floor of the coliseum square, in the soft light of sunset, dancing like a little girl who stole the most valuable fur’.