Virgin Trains | Trains vs. Planes




Nick Collett

When Virgin Trains came looking for new engaging content that would provide a funny, tongue-in-cheek look at the positioning of themselves and their offering against other traditional modes of transport, there was only one director to call. With his expertise in crafting very smart & naturally funny work, Nick was perfectly suited to get the best out of four couples discussing their contrasting experiences of plane vs. train travel using a barrage of innuendo that would make Radio 1 and Scott Mills’ Innuendo Bingo team proud. He guides the couples to the fine line of keeping everything deadpan whilst retaining that spark of chemistry, allowing the audience to break out with laughter themselves.

The results are two films that are not only genuinely funny, but also unique and original in a sector often dominated by traditional price-led or sentimental advertising. They successfully showcase Virgin Trains as a modern, human brand, that is very in-touch with their audience and customers, and provides a much better travel option than some traditional go-to methods…