Magners/Lad Bible | The Man from the Block




Jonathan Harris

“I’m the same person that I was before, but with different values and I’m going to hold true to that.”

The most personal and emotive of Jonathan’s three films for Magners’ brand re-launch campaign ‘Hold True’, which celebrates those who remain true to themselves despite societal pressure to change and conform, this follows the inspirational story of Terroll Lewis. Set to a minimalistic quiet soundtrack deep in the heart of Brixton, this is a poignant portrait of a former gang member who spends his time making sure other youths don’t drop into gang culture. Terroll’s recounting of his stories provided one of the challenges, as there was just so much amazing material to cut into a narrative, whilst the gym was truly inspirational, with the team even creating a new form of dance called the Flow; a version of breakdancing performed on gymnastic bars. A thought-provoking and subtly striking piece, it showcases Jonathan’s talents with people as well as landscape. He allows the story to speak for itself, and brings a deep understanding of just what an achievement it is for people to turn their back on gang culture, when it is so intimately interconnected with their lives.