Magners/Lad Bible | Bellatrix




Jonathan Harris

“I’m not here to find out where I fit into this world, I have to hold true to what is honestly me.”

Filmed in support of Magners’ brand re-launch campaign ‘Hold True’, which celebrates those who remain true to themselves despite societal pressure to change and conform, this piece for Lad Bible takes us into the world of young female jazz/beatbox fusion musician Bellatrix. Shot over one day in East London, Jonathan took Bellatrix and her friends to various locations in order to watch them perform and get under the skin of why art is so important to them, giving the film its subtle naturalistic feel. Bellatrix was fearless throughout, taking her double bass and street-performing in multiple areas with no microphone or stage, giving it her all each time. Using considered voice-over and calm yet striking urban cinematography, the film is a personal and engaging trip into a mash-up of music, friendship, beatbox, and individual creativity.