Borgward | Laser




Andreas Grassl

For his latest film, Andreas Grassl chose to tackle the challenge of how to hero a brand new model, not yet road worthy, for iconic German car manufacturer Borgward. With the brand recently re-launched in 2015, the pressure was on to deliver a film that showcased its new modern edge mixed with its iconic style.


We certainly think Andreas succeeded. Following the idea that everything should resemble the triangles in the Borgward logo, he devised a complicated light installation consisting of graphic lines that take on the triangular symbolism. Mostly done in camera, the laser installation was specially matched with LED-ball positions across the studio and the car’s surface to ensure the lines and reflections achieved the patterns necessary.


Combine all of that pre-planning with a thumping electronic soundtrack and some incredible rotational camera work, and you’ve got one stylish trip into a red/blue neon moodiness, which makes the new model appear effortlessly cool.